1943 Levern Lord : Warrior, Artist, Soldier
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It was 1943 and the F.H.S. Owl had a soft cover! Why, because we were at war, World War II. Levern Lord did most of the art work for the Owl that year under the guidance of his art teacher, Louise McCaslin. He graduated that same year and joined the U.S. Army soon after. He became a member of the 11th Airborne Division. He fought through the Leyte Campaign before going to Luzon. He fought at Cavite and Nichols airfield where he was killed in action on Feb. 12, 1945 at the age of nineteen. He had two brothers, both in the service, and a younger sister.

Levern Lord, killed in action—the words no family wants to hear.

Because of its time in history, the 1943 OWL was unique.

The theme of the 1943 Owl was expressed in these words by Mildred Edwards (class of ’43 and editor of the Owl).

This generation is growing up in a world immersed in a chaos of a bitter world-wide war. From the ranks of these youth of today will come the leaders of tommorow. We must be able to accept this responsibility by first facing the demands of today's world we have preprared by uniting on the battlefront and also on the homefront, and each in the work for which he is best suited. We have devoted this book to recording these efforts of ours-American youth's part in the war.

The yearbook dedication by Don Levy went as follows:
Their death in Battle means Our life in Peace, Their path thru Hell means Our way to Glory, Their nights in Darkness mean Our light of Freedom.
Can we do less than dedicate to them this book?

These were some of the thoughts of John Mock, Principal at the time, and Ferne Farver, Dean of Girls, as expressed in the 1943 OWL.

Fresno High was dedicated to the building of a stronger America. In order to build a stronger America each pupil needed the following: the essentials of a good liberal education with a strong emphasis upon future education; a clear understanding of the issues involved in the war and the principles for which the American democracy stands, as against the aims and practices of the totalitarian nations; and an adequate preparation for the war activities which best fit the individual student.

These students actively supported the Junior Red Cross and the U.S.O., and contributed generously to the stamp and bond sales campaign.

Generosity and loyalty were evidenced by some girls who, through their club activities and class projects, pieced quilts for the Red Cross and knitted afghans for soldiers’ hospitals. Others responded to the call of the U.S.O. in the making of scrapbooks, and served as hostesses.

The entire student body benefited from the publicity of the service sprit of those girls. The community received needed help and relief but the greatest factor was the development of loyalty to and consideration for others on the part of each girl who made her contribution.

The Victory Bond drive was turned over to the Senate, although the student body still remained active in the drive. Tuesdays were designated as Stamp Day. Contests were held to see which advisory bought the most stamps and bonds. The drive was very successful as the school bought $12,000 worth of Victory Bonds in the fall semester and $60,000 over a nine month period.

By Nikki Hoernicke

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